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How I Can Help You?

Helping you meet your feeding goals in a jugement-free and mental health focused practice.

Feeding babies is my passion. I have extensive knowledge and advanced training in oral function, tethered oral tissue, breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding that sets me apart from other IBCLCs and lactation professionals. My goal is to help your baby feed functionally and grow optimally and for you both the be happy and healthy.
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Trouble Latching

Breast Refusal

Breast & Nipple Pain


Latch Assessment

Nipple Healing

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Milk Supply

Breast Anatomy Assessment

Low Supply


Inducing Lactation


Plugged Ducts

Insufficient Glandular Tissue


Infant Assessment

Weighted Feeds

Weight Gain Issues

Milk Transfer

Reflex Assessment

Oral Exam

Movement Exercises

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Pumping & Bottle Feeding

Flange Fittings

Pain with Pumping

Exclusive Pumping

Returning to Work

Bottle Feeding Assessments

Bottle Refusal

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Tethered Oral Tissue

Tongue, Lip & Buccal Ties

Oral Function Assessment

Frenotomy Aftercare

Infant Assessment

Bodywork Guidance

Oral Function Exercises

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Older Babies

Introducing Solids


Nursing Strikes

Distracted Nursing

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