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I've Gone Virtual!

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis I now offer my services virtually. I am still offering in-home care on a case-by-case basis dependent on current Safer at Home orders. It has taken me a lot of time to come up with exactly what to offer to my clients in an online setting or to even wrap my head around how I would translate what I do into the virtual domain. I'll be honest in saying that I have had good days and bad during our Safer at Home order and I apologize for this taking so long. I think we all should be giving ourselves grace during this time and allowing time to sort out all the swirling information we are being forced to consume. As parents about to expand your families I fear it is even more stressful as you navigate changing hospital protocols, shortened hospital stays and isolation during postpartum. I'm hoping that as a virtual doula I can help your family talk through some of the challenges you are facing and provide you support. My specific virtual packages can be found on my Services page here, but you may be wondering what this support covers and how exactly each virtual call will work.

With the 6 week and 4 week support packages I will be connecting with you every day for the first 5 days of your baby (or babies) life. Those days are important and are normally covered by the hospital stay and pediatrician visits. Unfortunately, with new protocols due to COVID-19, most families are sent home within the first 24 hours after birth and pediatrician visits are limited. I am trained in normal newborn care and can alert you to things that may need to be discussed with your pediatrician. These could be things like feeding difficulties (wet/poppy diapers), cord care, weight gain, colicky behaviors, etc. We can discuss what is normal and what is not. We will also be discussing how mom is healing and when/if to call the OB or midwife with concerns. Other topics we will cover is getting the most sleep, meal planning, how feeding is going and doing a lot of answering of your specific questions. I can educate by doing demos of infant bathing, babywearing, diapering, swaddling and feeding. After the first week we will chat twice a week about whatever struggles or concerns you are dealing with at that moment. This could include umbilical cord care, diapering, bathing, soothing techniques, hunger cues, safe sleep, etc. It will be individual to your specific baby and family. As always, if you have questions that I can not answer for you I have resources available and referrals that I can give you to get your answers. For local clients I am also offering an add on service of errand running, meal prep and baby laundry assistance. This would be me picking up/dropping off things from your porch.

I am also offering smaller packages of visits that encompass one week or just one call. Those virtual visits would be specific to your baby and family and what is happening that day or week.

All packages offer some email support and all of them except the Problem Solving Support offer text support as well. This will be answers to your questions within 2 hours time between 9am-5pm. Depending on the question the answers may include educational videos or links along with my advice.

The platform we utilize will depend on the situation. Some things can be done via phone, but if needed we can use FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts depending on the technology available to you.

Please feel free to email me at guidingmothers@gmail.com or text/call 262-909-2371 with any questions you have about my virtual packages. This is a whole new way for me to offer postpartum doula services to you and I'm excited to figure out this new world with you.

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